Best Luxury Hotels in Eastbourne, UK

A selection of the best luxury hotels in Eastbourne, UK. A selection by Laura Becker

Cavendish Hotel

Cavendish Hotel

The Cavendish Hotel, situated on Eastbourne’s Grand Parade, has a spectacular view of the English Channel. Guests can utilize the hotel’s library for a tranquil reading experience or to enjoy a cup of coffee. There are also several guest lounges available and Wi-Fi is accessible for an additional fee. The Marine Restaurant offers delightful meals made with local ingredients while the bar overlooks the beach and serves a popular lunch menu. The hotel is just a 10-minute walk away from Eastbourne’s shopping district and Arndale Centre, as well as Eastbourne Rail Station.

Rooms: 119 Stars: 4

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Best areas to find hotels in Eastbourne, UK

Eastbourne is a popular seaside town located on the south coast of England. It is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the UK and is a great spot for a relaxing getaway. With its long stretches of sandy beaches, a vibrant nightlife and plenty of attractions, there is something to suit everyone.

When it comes to finding the perfect hotel in Eastbourne, there are a few areas that stand out. The first of these is the seafront. This area is home to some of the most luxurious and well-known hotels in the town, including the Grand Parade Hotel and the Langtons Hotel. Both offer stunning views of the sea and access to some of the best restaurants and bars in the area.

The area around Eastbourne pier is also an excellent spot for finding a hotel. Here, you will find the award-winning Cavendish Hotel, as well as the Marine Hotel and the Royal Sovereign Hotel. These hotels are all within easy walking distance from the pier and provide stunning views out to sea.

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, then the Old Town of Eastbourne is the place for you. Here, you will find a selection of charming B&Bs and guesthouses, such as the Albion House, the Star and Garter, and the Old Town Guest House. These are all within easy reach of the town centre and offer great value for money.

The area around the Eastbourne Downs is also a great spot for finding a hotel. Here, you will find a number of smaller hotels, such as the Best Western Lansdowne Hotel and the Best Western York House Hotel. Both offer stunning views of the Downs and are within easy walking distance of the beach.

Finally, the area around Eastbourne station is also worth considering. Here, you will find the Lansdowne Hotel, the Grand Hotel and the Best Western Lansdowne Hotel. All of these offer easy access to the station and the rest of the town centre.

No matter what kind of hotel you are looking for, Eastbourne has something for everyone. From luxurious seafront hotels to charming guesthouses, there is something to suit all budgets and requirements. So, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, you are sure to find the perfect hotel in Eastbourne.

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